Live Gaming & existing VTs


Live Gaming is by no means the first virtual tabletop; but it doesn’t exactly aim to be only a ‘virtual’ tabletop. VTs’ main goal is to reproduce the experience of RPGs online.  They run from the simple (and system agnostic), like Roll20, to heavily system-based, like Fantasy Grounds.  Live Gaming is different because it aims to make roleplaying more streamlined: both easier and quicker.

The difference between VTs like Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds and Live Gaming boils down to the need to flip through RPG books—or not.  In a rules agnostic VT, they allow you to roll online, but they don’t help learn what you should be rolling, or speed character creation.  Even rules-based systems provide character sheets, but not necessarily the knowledge to fill them out.  Players still have to figure out how to roll, and then manually apply the results to their character sheets.

In a way, Live Gaming takes more after something like Hero Labs, an application that aims to use computer programming to handle rules and make character creation easier.  Except, we want to take the concept further in Live Gaming.  Instead of just tabs to take players through character creation, we want to create wizards, with step-by-step instructions, and tool tips, and other aids.  We want the program not only to validate the character, but to be able to roll dice with the click of a skill.

Then, we’ll apply our same philosophy of streamlining RPGs to creating stories, and gaming sessions. A story creation wizard that takes game masters through creating characters, locations, items, and more.  A gaming session that can pull characters and stories seamlessly together combining the helpful tooltips and rolling at a click.  The gaming experience will run smoothly, without requiring players to stop and look up rules and charts.


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