Appify wins Salt Valley Tally contest, plans next steps


After a month of advertising and pitching Live Gaming, we made it into Salt Valley Tally’s top five winners. Our friends & followers have congratulated us and asked us the obvious questions:

You won $5K, what’s next?

Winning the Salt Valley Tally competition means $5,000 for Appify to develop Live Gaming. Since Live Gaming is an ambitious idea, ultimately involving 3 integrated apps and a supporting community, we’re not going to build the whole app on $5,000. What we do hope to get out is a MVP of the character generator outlined in a previous post. Character generation remains one of the biggest pain points in RPGs: it’s a lot harder to get a group together when the first two hours, minimum, is going to be taken up by character creation. Hopefully, with this app, even new players can dive into the game, create characters quickly and easily on their own, and come ready for the game. Furthermore, since the app includes help text and auto die-rollers, players won’t have to flip through books to look up their next roll or find the description of a skill—which will free game masters to focus on the story and the non-player characters.

Once we have an alpha Character Generator for Live Gaming, the next step would be raising funds for further development (continued dev on the Character Generator, as well as the Story Creator and Game Session). We had many suggestions from friends that we create a Kickstarter campaign, and we’ll probably plan to raise money at a time when we can go to conventions and show off our demos.

What RPGs will Live Gaming support?

Ultimately, we hope to get support from all of the major publishers, and adapt some of their content to app form. However, it’s difficult to get the attention of Wizards of the Coast (D&D), Whitewolf (World of Darkness), Steve Jackson Games (GURPS), Paizo (Pathfinder), or Palladium (Rifts) without a working product. We will likely release the alpha Character Generator with a custom, new-to-the-world roleplaying game (Legendary) and one or two adaptations of open source roleplaying games.

If there are games that you want to make sure Live Gaming supports, feel free to comment below.


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