Appify currently has several websites and apps in development, feel free to comment with any feedback for or interest in the current projects.

Live Gaming
Live Gaming is a social gaming platform for RPGs that will make it easier for nerdy people to be social and for social people to be nerdy. It supports the creative and social aspects of roleplaying games by handling the game mechanics and rules like a video games. Players don’t need to memorize books or flip pages to look up charts because Live Gaming handles the rules automatically and gives the necessary information at the click of a button. They can focus on the shared story telling and problem solving.
Have a long list of to-dos but little motivation to accomplish them? Have a hard time keeping track of your priorities and your progress? LifeWin is designed to help people track their real life progress as easily as progress in a videogame. In LifeWin, you create an avatar that gets experience for each daily goal you accomplish. Working on higher priority goals gives more experience. Choose from dozens of leveling plans and themes to track your progress, and watch your avatar level up!
The Best of Web Development
Tons of websites and blogs give you their personal top 10 libraries for this or top ten apps for that… the web needs a space where people can vote on the best of the best, and where they can always turn for recommendations on the tools they need on the next job.

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